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There are countless e-liquid manufacturers on the market. Only a few can boast such an illustrious history and offer such an impressive variety of flavours, strengths and variants as the Flavourtec Group, which is made up of Flavourtec Sp. z o. o. and GermanFLAVOURS GmbH. The two companies were founded simultaneously yet independently of each other in 2012. At the time, GermanFLAVOURS began as a micro-manufacturing operation in a 20-square-meter space and over time has grown into a large manufacturing company offering high-quality e-liquids, aromas and bases in Germany. Flavourtec focused on OEM and private label solutions in Poland and beyond. Over the years, investments were made in production, machine park was developed, and the product range was further expanded. A state-of-the-art quality control laboratory with a gas chromatograph was set up at the production facilities, allowing verification of nicotine content and its purity in every product manufactured. The investment has paid off.

Following the merger of the two companies into Flavourtec Group, Belgian company Flavourtec BVBA joined its ranks, enabling the Group to optimise its operations in the BeNeLux markets. These actions have strengthened the Group's position not only from a market coverage and production optimization point of view, but also from the perspective of innovation and the portfolio offered. Today, Flavourtec Group is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe, offering e-liquids, aromas, bases and other top-quality products, both private label and OEM. Naturally, all Group products are manufactured in the EU and comply with TPD regulations. Only certified components from European suppliers are used.

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In our offer

In our offer you will find recognised brands of e-liquids (also based on nicotine salts and hybrids), disposable e-cigarettes, aromas, nicotine-free bases, nicotine shots, nicotine salt shots, longfills, shortfills and vaping accessories. We use only European ingredients of the highest quality and use tested and safe packaging. The quality of the final product is taken care of by the 200 people employed in the Group. We have ISO:9001 certified production, an internal quality control laboratory, an experienced R&D team. We supply 50 million e-liquids per year to 42 global markets. Discover the large variety of our products, their flavours, strengths and variants.

Hybrid e-Liquids
Nicotine salt e-Liquids

From over 170 flavours and out of 6 nicotine strengths, you can easily choose your preferred e-liquid.

If you are interested in hybrid e-liquids, we offer VPG-based liquids containing nicotine and nicotine salts in equal proportions, available in 3 nicotine strengths.

Something truly unique are our e-liquids containing nicotine salts, perfect for POD systems. Guaranteeing a direct hit of nicotine, these are perfect for those who like a stronger taste.

Nicotine strength 0mg 3mg 5mg 6mg 9mg 10mg 12mg 18mg 20mg
E-Liquid *
Hybrid e-Liquid **
Nicotine salt e-Liquid ***


Disposable e-cigarettes

Try the novelty - disposable e-cigarettes with our best American Stars e-liquids. The rich flavour and nicotine salts give an unforgettable effect, try it without delay.

Capacity / Nicotine strength 2 ml 0mg 20mg
Disposable e-cigarettes


Aroma is used to create a preferred e-liquid when mixed with a base. It is offered to experienced vapers who compose their liquids themselves. Once again, as with e-liquids, a wide range of flavours is offered, and the user can choose a liquid in three bottle sizes.

Capacities 10 ml 50 ml 100 ml



Base is an essential ingredient in any proper e-liquid or longfill/shortfill. We offer nicotine-free bases with different proportions of VG, PG and water in capacities of 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml.

Capacities 50 ml 100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1000 ml
VPG (50VG / 50PG)
70VG / 30PG

VG = vegetable glycerin E422
PG = propylene glycol E1520

Ask our sales representatives about other VG / PG variants available for your market.

Nicotine shots
Nicotine salt shots

You can also choose our nicotine shots of preferable strength to match your bases. For a stronger experience, you can choose our shots with nicotine salts.

Nicotine strength 3mg 6mg 9mg 12mg 18mg 20mg
VPG (50VG / 50PG)
VPG (50VG / 50PG) - Nicotine salt shot
70VG / 30PG
70VG / 30PG - Nicotine salt shot

VG = vegetable glycerin E422
PG = propylene glycol E1520

Ask our sales representatives about other VG / PG variants available for your market.

Nicotine shots


Longfills / Shortfills

If you are interested in distributing longfills and/or shortfills, we are happy to make this possible for you. From 10 ml through 15 ml to 20 ml of flavour in longfills in 60 ml or 120 ml bottles. For shortfills, we offer nicotine-free liquids in 50 ml (in 60 ml bottles) and 100 ml (in 120 ml bottles).

Aroma / E-Liquid Capacity 10 ml 15 ml 20 ml 50 ml 100 ml
Longfill 60 ml *
Longfill 120 ml *
Shortfill 60 ml **
Shortfill 120 ml **

Our portfolio

Check out selected products from our extensive portfolio and choose something for yourself!



Do you want to provide your own vape products? At Flavourtec Group, we give you the opportunity and assistance to do so. We offer e-liquids, aromas, bases, nicotine shots, longfills and shortfills (also available in kits). We also offer e-cigarettes with our nicotine salt e-liquids.

Choosing us gives you not only the best taste and rich flavour, high-quality products and innovative solutions, but also comprehensive knowledge of regulations and legal requirements. In order to meet the requirements of all regulations and to be able to offer proven and safe solutions to customers, we are staying up to date with legal directives.

Our extensive experience in the production and quality control of vaping products, cutting-edge machine park and laboratory facilities, and high level of customer service help ensure a fast and successful product launch.

At your request, our skilled graphics team will perform the necessary design tasks. Tell us about your concept, vision, send the necessary materials and we will prepare a product that fits your brand. We will also develop product visualizations for marketing purposes.

Minimum quantities of products to execute an OEM project:

Product Capacity MOQ - OEM
Hybrid e-Liquid,
Nicotine salt e-Liquid
10 ml 1 SKU min. 1000
Aroma 10 ml 1 SKU min. 1000
Base 100 ml
250 ml
500 ml
1000 ml
1 SKU min. 1000
Nicotine shot,
Nicotine salt shot
10 ml 1 SKU min. 10.000
Longfill 10 ml / 60 ml
15 ml / 60 ml
1 SKU min. 1000
Shortfill 50 ml / 60 ml
100 ml / 120 ml
1 SKU min. 1000
Disposable e-cigarettes 2 ml 1 SKU min. 14.000

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